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Goan Pork Not-Quite-a-Vindaloo

Posted on August 14, 2016
Posted in: pork, curry, Winter, Indian

While the original was probably, definitely a vindaloo, this one probably, definitely isn't. We subbed the dried birds-eye chillies for standard long red ones, purely for convenience, and it was probably a mildish-mediumish heat. Don't skip the yoghurt and mint chutney, either. Super tasty! Freeze the other half of the curry paste for later. You're definitely going to want this again.

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A Somewhat Lighter Butter Chicken

Posted on June 20, 2016
Posted in: Indian, Lighter, chicken, Easy Dinners

Instead of coconut milk and cream, this recipe uses coconut water and greek yoghurt to attain a similarly tasty result. The original, from DH, calls for more coconut water than listed. It's been reduced here, but it could potentially be reduced even further.

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Coconut Beef Curry

Posted on March 01, 2015
Posted in: curry, Indian, coconut, Beef, Slow Cooked, delicious. magazine

From delicious.' "Love to Eat", this is a really easy curry that absolutely sings with the curry leaves. If you can't find Kashmiri chilli powder (welcome to the club!), substitute 3 parts paprika with 1 part cayenne. Serve with greek yogurt, rice and a refreshing side.

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White Bean and Coconut Curry

Posted on February 10, 2015
Posted in: curry, Vegetarian, Beans, Indian

Quick and delicious vegetarian curry.

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Lamb Karahi

Posted on December 30, 2014
Posted in: Indian, curry, slow-cooked

A vibrant curry that comes from northern India.

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